TT E83CC (12AX7 / ECC83 / 7025) - Standard
Tube-Town E83CC Preamp-Tube

High-quality 12AX7 / ECC83 / 7025 preamp tube with low background noise and reduced feedback tendency due to short anode plates, as well as a powerful bass and a dense sound. Very suitable for input stages with high amplification or amplifiers with generally high gain.
Dropin replacement for all 12AX7, ECC83, 7025, and E83CC tubes.
22,90 €

Grillcloth Tube-Town Cream Weave - 70 x 100 cm - B-Stock

B-STOCK: could have flaws in weaving

Texture and color just like the Marshall Cane and Orange Weaves, only slightly thinner and thus easier to handle.
Furthermore, the mesh size is a little wider, and therefore the damping of the highs is much less compared with the original fabrics.

19,80 €
28,29 € per m²

Psvane KT88 - Classic Series - SINGLE
Single tube, not matched

The Psvane KT88-C is a high-quality audio vacuum tube that impresses with its warm and transparent sound. Due to its robust construction and the use of high-quality components, the Psvane KT88-C offers an amazing sound reproduction, superior stability and high reliability, making it an ideal choice for high-end audio systems as well as guitar and bass amplifiers.
57,00 €

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6X5 Rectifier, NOS
17,85 €

Mullard EF86 NOS, "Foreign Made"
  • Mullard EF86 NOS
  • Mesh Anode
  • Made in France or Germany, labeled "Foreign Made"
49,90 €

Sylvania 5814A / 12AU7 USA NOS
Sylvania 5814A, NOS, Boxed
Made in USA
33,91 €

Subminiatur Tube 6021

Subminiatur Tube
Mixed Brands

9,90 €

GE 5814A / 12AU7 NOS JAN USA

GE 5814A / 12AU7 NOS

  • Limited Stock
  • Made in USA
  • JAN
22,95 €

EH 6CA4 / EZ81 Zaerix Germany
  • Rectifier tube EZ81 / 6CA4
  • Zaerix Germany
  • NOS
26,50 €

6SJ7 Black Metal
  • 6SJ7 Black Metal
  • NOS
  • JAN
  • boxed
11,80 €

Subminiatur Tube 6111
  • Subminiatur Tube
  • Mixed Brands
13,75 €

  • Original SED NOS EF86
  • NOS
  • Made in Russia
22,80 €

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NOS = New Old Stock

Auch wenn diese Röhren aus der Blütezeit der Röhrentechnologie stammen und somit schon mehrere Jahrzehnte auf dem Buckel haben, handelt es sich um Neuware, denn Röhren altern bei sachgemäßer Lagerung nicht. NOS-Röhren gelten oft als qualitativ hochwertig, sowohl was den Klang als auch die Haltbarkeit betrifft. Dafür gibt es mehrere Gründe, die meistens mit der Produktionstechnik und den verwendeten Materialien zusammenhängen. Bei Röhren aus der heutigen Produktion darf beispielsweise kein Blei im Glas verwendet werden, um sie als „RoHS-konform“ zu klassifizieren. Zudem ist das Fachwissen möglicherweise nicht mehr vorhanden, da die damaligen Techniker inzwischen in den Ruhestand gegangen sind oder verstorben sind, und ihr Wissen mit ins Grab genommen haben.
Es ist faszinierend zu sehen (und zu hören), wie diese "historischen" Röhren auch heute noch mit ihrer unübertroffenen Qualität und ihrem charakteristischen Klang begeistern können.


Grillcloth Fender-Style Snow-White - 60 x 90 cm - B-STOCK

B-STOCK: with flaws in the fabric

Fender Style Grillcloth in white. To get the best results with this grillcloth you should not color the baffle black.
Same texture and material as the Fender Cloth

  • Size: ca. 60 x 90 cm (only available in this size)
  • Fender Style
  • Material: 100% Polypropylen
  • Price per pcs.
  • Actual shades may vary.
Old price: 29,80 €
Only 16,90 €
31,30 € per m²

Jensen C12Q 16 Ohms - B-STOCK

B-Stock: Used items with slight signs of wear, tested and in perfect working order.

The JENSEN® "C" series speakers were developed because the world's supply of cobal (Co in AlNiCo) slump, making this raw material more expensive.

Old price: 75,00 €
Only 63,75 €
Offer valid until: 30.04.2024"
Tung-Sol 6550 Reissue  - SINGLE

Single piece, not matched

Premium high-power Octal Beam Tetrode, among the finest in current production. Copy of the original Type 3 triple getter version popular in the 1960's. Powerful, balanced and detailed soundstage.

Old price: 59,00 €
Only 47,20 €
Offer valid until: 30.04.2024"
TT-Kit 5F6
TT 5F6 V2 Classic Amp Kit
Set of componentes for building the TT 5F6 V2 Guitar Amp.
Please visit the >>Project page for more infos about the amp, schematics and layout.
Old price: 580,00 €
Only 519,00 €
Offer valid until: 30.04.2024"
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Celestion 100 History

45 Watt All Tube Amp Kits

Our recommendations

Grillcloth British Large Chequerboard - 80 x 90 cm
  • matches original Marshall "Large Chequerboard" Grillcloth, same manufacturer
  • Marshall Item Number MEFRET00003
  • Size (W x L): ca. 80 x 90 cm (only available in this size)
  • Material: 100% treated paper
  • Price per pcs.
  • Actual shades may vary.
49,00 €
68,06 € per m²

Capacitor, radial 30/30/30/10µF - 475 V
  • 30/30/30/10 μF 475VDC.
  • FP / Twist Lock Style. Solder Tabs.
  • -10%, +50% Tolerance, 65°C Temperature Rating.
  • 1 ⅜"D X 2 ½"H.
55,50 €

Tolex Tube-Town Black

Width ca. 120 cm
Price per linear meter.
Actual shades may vary.
We ship the tolex as one piece if you order more than 1 meter.

14,95 €
12,46 € per m²

Capacitor, radial 30/30/30/10µF - 525 V
  • 30/30/30/10 μF 475VDC.
  • FP / Twist Lock Style. Solder Tabs.
  • -10%, +50% Tolerance, 65°C Temperature Rating.
  • 1 ⅜"D X 2 ½"H.
58,00 €


4 tubes, matched as quad

The premium 6L6 with a lot of detail in the sound.
Recommended for both guitar and bass as well as stereo tube amplifier.
30 watt plate dissipation, long life due to rugged design.

118,00 €
29,50 € per Piece

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