TT-Kit 5F6
TT 5F6 V2 Classic Amp Kit
Set of componentes for building the TT 5F6 V2 Guitar Amp.
Please visit the >>Project page for more infos about the amp, schematics and layout.
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Only 519,00 €
Offer valid until: 30.04.2024"
Tung-Sol 6550 Reissue  - SINGLE

Single piece, not matched

Premium high-power Octal Beam Tetrode, among the finest in current production. Copy of the original Type 3 triple getter version popular in the 1960's. Powerful, balanced and detailed soundstage.

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Only 47,20 €
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Jensen C12Q 16 Ohms - B-STOCK

B-Stock: Used items with slight signs of wear, tested and in perfect working order.

The JENSEN® "C" series speakers were developed because the world's supply of cobal (Co in AlNiCo) slump, making this raw material more expensive.

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Only 63,75 €
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Grillcloth Fender-Style Snow-White - 60 x 90 cm - B-STOCK

B-STOCK: with flaws in the fabric

Fender Style Grillcloth in white. To get the best results with this grillcloth you should not color the baffle black.
Same texture and material as the Fender Cloth

  • Size: ca. 60 x 90 cm (only available in this size)
  • Fender Style
  • Material: 100% Polypropylen
  • Price per pcs.
  • Actual shades may vary.
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31,30 € per m²