Help and Support for Orders, Payments & Deliveries

To quickly and effectively assist you with issues related to your order or questions regarding payment and shipping, we have compiled various problem cases and frequently asked questions on this page. This page is regularly updated and expanded, serving as the first point of contact if you encounter any problems with your order or have questions.

My delivery is incomplete.
Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that items are overlooked in a delivery, especially when they are packaged together with other items, placed in a separate package, or wrapped in paper or foil. Therefore, we kindly ask you to carefully check the contents of your delivery since, according to our records, the respective item should be included in your package. If the item is still not found, please contact us via our Help Form.

I received the wrong item.
We apologize for any issues with the delivery. For a prompt handling of your complaint, please use the Help Form.

A delivered item is damaged or not functioning correctly.
  • Issue with Tubes: For problems with tubes, please first refer to our Tube FAQ, as it often provides a quick solution.
  • Issue with Faceplate: Some faceplates have a protective film applied to their surface. This film should be removed before using the faceplate.
  • For all other items: Please contact us directly. Use our
    Item Problem Form
    as it requests relevant information needed for a prompt handling of your request, including a detailed description of the issue.

What are the shipping costs ?
An overview of the shipping costs and possible delivery methods can be found here: Shipping Costs

I have a payment issue.
For payment issues, such as payment failures or double payments, please use the Help Form.

The delivery is damaged.
Unfortunately, transportation damages cannot always be avoided. When there is a transportation damage, it is crucial to provide clear documentation, ideally in the form of pictures where the damage is clearly visible. Damaged packaging should not be discarded until the damage is resolved, so DO NOT dispose of it.
For a prompt handling of your complaint, please use the
Help Form.

I forgot to include items in my order.
After orders have been placed in the shop, they cannot be amended or changed. Our system is designed for automated processing to facilitate quick delivery. Please ensure that your order is complete before submitting it.

How can I withdraw an order?
To withdraw an order, please use our Revocation Form. Please note that for a withdraw, the items must be returned to us free of charge. We cannot accept shipments with unpaid postage.
Additionally, ensure that the items are securely and properly packaged to prevent damage during return shipping.
Generally, a right of withdrawal exists for all items we offer (exception: items custom-made to customer specifications), including items that have been installed (e.g., speakers, transformers). However, in such cases, a potential decrease in value may occur, so please handle the delivered items with care and return them in perfect condition to us.
Here is the Revocation Form.

What is the status of my order, and where can I find tracking information?
To view the status of your order, simply log into your shop account and visit the "Your Account" page. All your orders are listed there along with their statuses. When you open the details of each order, you will find the tracking number, if the shipment was made through a courier service that provides tracking numbers.
Furthermore, we will send you an email notification with the invoice in PDF format and additional information when your order is shipped. The designated courier service will also provide an email notification with shipping and tracking details.

Why does the price change after I log into the shop?
The prices in the shop include the currently applicable value-added tax in Germany. Since the value-added tax may vary in other countries, the price will be adjusted according to the value-added tax rate in your delivery country. The adjusted price display can only occur once your destination country for the delivery is known. Therefore, there may be a different price displayed after you log into the shop.

Where can I enter my VAT ID?
If you have a valid VAT ID, you can enter it in your account settings. The shop will verify if the VAT ID is correct and automatically adjust the price. A VAT ID always starts with the country code, e.g., DE for Germany.

What payment methods are available?
Currently, we offer the following payment options:
  • Advance Payment / Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Giropay
  • IDEAL (Netherlands only)
  • Przelewy24 (Poland only)

How can I pay by advance payment?
After completing your order in our online shop, we will send you an email with our bank details. Please transfer the invoice amount to the account mentioned in the email.
Important: This is a Euro account. For transfers in foreign currencies, we recommend using a payment service provider such as

Please note that we cannot reserve the items for you. To ensure you receive your selected items, we recommend making the payment as soon as possible. Delays could result in the items you ordered being sold out in the meantime. Your prompt response helps us efficiently process your order.

Taxes and Duties?
  • For end consumers and businesses in Germany, the currently applicable VAT rate applies. There are no additional fees.
  • End consumers in European countries pay the VAT rate applicable in their country, which is automatically calculated. There are no additional fees or customs duties.
  • Business customers with a valid VAT ID in European countries receive tax-free delivery, and the taxation occurs in the destination country. If a valid VAT ID is not available, the delivery is treated like that for end consumers.
  • End consumers and businesses outside the EU do not pay VAT. However, there may be taxes and duties upon import into the destination country, which must be paid there.
    The necessary documents for correct customs clearance and smooth import are included with the delivery. Whenever possible, we transmit the data electronically during export to facilitate the import process. The exact amount of taxes and duties depends on the legal regulations of the destination country.

My question or problem is not listed here.
Here are some more questions that are frequently asked:
  • Is there a minimum order value?
    • No (exception: United Kingdom).
  • Does the right of withdrawal also apply to speakers?
    • Basically yes. The right of withdrawal also applies in full to speakers. However, speakers should be carefully installed and handled for testing to avoid damage. Installation can be done, for example, using mounting clamps. This way, the metal basket will not be scratched, and the holes will not be damaged. Furthermore, the connection should be plugged in and not soldered since solder cannot be completely removed. If speakers are screwed in or connections are soldered, it usually leads to damage and, consequently, a reduction in value.
  • Are all items in stock?
    • Generally, all items listed in the shop are in sufficient quantity in stock unless otherwise noted. If the desired quantity is not in stock, the shop will also inform you. Note: In the case of prepayment, there may be overlaps, and an item may be temporarily sold out. In such cases, we will contact you via email.
  • Can I order with cash on delivery?
    • No, this payment or shipping method is not possible.
  • I only need a few resistors. Can I have them sent in an envelope to save postage?
    • No. Due to liability regulations, only insured shipping is possible.
  • I forgot my password/login. How can I retrieve the data?
  • What are the regulations regarding warranty and guarantee?
    • The statutory provisions regarding warranty apply.
    • Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the item or defects that occur after delivery, e.g., due to external influences or user errors. Warranty claims also do not exist in cases of improper handling of the item by the customer.

Do you want to contact us directly?
Please use our Contact Form for this purpose.