F+T 15 µF @ 450 Volt, axial
F+T 15 µF @ 450 Volt, axial

F+T 15 µF @ 450 Volt, axial

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RCA phono plug, right angle - red

RCA Phono plug, plastic, solder connection.

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Fuse 3.15 A slow blow, Pack of 10
  • Rated Voltage: 250 VAC
  • Contact caps: nickel-plated brass
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JJ 12AT7 / ECC81

JJ's version of the ECC81/12AT7 tube type with a warm and soft sound.

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JJ EL84 #05 - Fender Blues Junior

JJ EL84 #05 - Soft Plus

  • Not so hot than the #06 selection but still nice punch
  • Recommended for Fender Blues Junior and Pro Junior and similar amps.
  • Price for one tube.
  • FAQ: If I order two or more of these tubes, are they all "the same"?
    Yes, the tubes are all "matched" and selected for the in the description mentioned amplifier.
    FAQ: Can I replace the tubes myself or are adjustments needed?
    Adjustments are not possible on the listed amplifier (unless a bias potentiometer has been added afterwards). The replacement can therefore be done without adjustments.
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JJ 6V6 Red Labe - PAIR

2 tubes, matched as pair

The 6V6 S is a beam power pentode with octal base and a maximum plate dissipation of 14W. It has fat low end and full mid tones with very good tone separation and a smooth, clean high end. Known to be a very powerful 6V6 due to its robust construction. In general, a very balanced tone. It can be used also in some 6L6 amplifiers.

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23,20 € per Piece

Retainer EL34 / 6L6

Retainer for EL34 / 6L6 Tubes

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