Westinghouse 5814A / 12AU7 USA NOS
Westinghouse 5814A / 12AU7 USA NOS

Westinghouse 5814A / 12AU7 USA NOS

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22,50 €

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EH 6CA4 / EZ81

Indirectly-heated full-wave rectifier. Equivalent to EZ81.

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Sovtek EL84 / 6BQ5 - QUAD

4 tubes, matched as quad

The Sovtek EL84 series produces an unbeatable smooth, warm distortion sound. Excellent replacements in vintage VOX AC-30's and the like, very popular in Fender, Crate and Peavey amps.

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The 6SN7EH is a beautiful sounding tube, on par with RCA's red base 5692. It maintains a linear response while being able to accept a full voltage. Vintage amp users and audiophiles will be thrilled to find that a superior quality, ultra low noise replacement finally exists.

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Sovtek EL84 / 6BQ5 - #05 - Fender Blues Junior

Sovtek EL84 #05 - Soft Plus

  • Not so hot than the #06 selection but still nice punch
  • Recommended for Fender Blues Junior and Pro Junior and similar amps.
  • Price for one tube.
FAQ: If I order two or more of these tubes, are they all "the same"?
Yes, the tubes are all "matched" and selected for the in the description mentioned amplifier.
FAQ: Can I replace the tubes myself or are adjustments needed?
Adjustments are not possible on the listed amplifier (unless a bias potentiometer has been added afterwards). The replacement can therefore be done without adjustments.
18,90 €

EH 6922 / E88CC

High frequency twin triode preamplifier tube used in studio and hi-fi equipment.

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4 tubes, matched as quad

A new geometry is utilized to reduce odd order harmonics for a sweet top end while the peak power is extended to improve low frequency response. Our new glass formula body ensures long life and improved reliability. The perfect choice when the authentic sound is needed.
239,20 €
59,80 € per Piece


This classic big bottle rectifier is the tube of choice for those famous, dual-rectifier amps. Clean and detailed while maintaining a warm and sweet tone, the 5U4GBEH offers gorgeous tube compression and articulate AC/DC conversion. The most desirable replacement ever built.

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