JJ EL34 Red Label - PAIR
JJ EL34 Red Label - PAIR

JJ EL34 Red Label - PAIR

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0.12 kg per Pair
45,40 €
22,70 € per Piece

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JJ EL34 Red Label - QUAD
4 tubes, matched as quad

Standard EL34 made by JJ with a smooth and dizzy sound.
89,90 €
22,48 € per Piece

Battery Clip 9 V
Battery Clip 9 V
0,61 €

Tung-Sol 5881 Reissue - PAIR-
2 tubes, matched as pair

Strongly committed to quality manufacturing, Tung-Sol tubes have always been known for their reliability and great tone. Today's new production Tung-Sol tubes are constructed with the same commitment to quality and reliability. Tung-Sol tubes reflect the best in vintage Tung-Sol construction with unsurpassed tone and reliability.
64,40 €
32,20 € per Piece

JJ EL84 #08 - TT 18W, TT Spitfire, AC30

JJ EL84 #08 - Medium

  • recommended for TT 18W, TT Spitfire and AC30
  • Price for one tube.
  • FAQ: If I order two or more of these tubes, are they all "the same"?
    Yes, the tubes are all "matched" and selected for the in the description mentioned amplifiers.
    FAQ: Can I replace the tubes myself or are adjustments needed?
    Adjustments are not possible on the listed amplifier (unless a bias potentiometer has been added afterwards). The replacement can therefore be done without adjustments.
18,00 €

High-Performance Cutting Spray
High-Performance Cutting Spray
7,20 €

Spiral drill bit - metal HSS-rolled,  1.00 mm

High performance twist drill suitable for all normal drilling in conventional materials.

HSS rolled
Point cut: helical point
Point angle: 118°
Surface: black, steam tempered
right hand cutting

0,35 €