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Partner Page

On our new partner page, we provide you with an overview of our cooperation partners for repair and service.

Problèmes de communication par e-mail avec les comptes SFR.FR

Actuellement, tous les e-mails que nous envoyons aux clients ayant un compte e-mail chez SFR.FR sont rejetés en raison de mauvais paramètres anti-spam. Cela rend malheureusement toute communication efficace impossible.

Pour contourner ce problème, nous te prions soit d'utiliser une autre adresse e-mail, soit de t'assurer que les e-mails de notre part ne soient pas bloqués. Pour ce faire, il est nécessaire d'ajouter les domaines et à la liste blanche de ton compte e-mail.

Note regarding PayPal

When paying with PayPal, it can happen that PayPal requests authorization for an amount significantly higher than the one displayed in the shopping cart. For instance, the shopping cart may show 25 euros, but PayPal requests authorization for 36 euros. PayPal provides the following explanation: "Additional fees may apply, such as for shipping or taxes. You commit to paying up to 36.00 EUR."

We would like to expressly point out that the amount displayed as the final total in our shop's checkout already includes all relevant taxes and shipping costs for the destination country. Therefore, no higher amount will be charged, provided that the customer has provided the correct shipping address.

Why PayPal has been handling it this way for some time is not entirely clear to us, but it appears to be related to third-party regulations. Given that, according to our information, this issue has already caused concern, it can be expected that improvements will be made in the foreseeable future.